The Recruitment Funn !!

Posted on: October 12, 2011


The Economic Times has proclaimed that the recruitment market is set to double in size in the next 5 years.

Recruitment today is driven by the numerous recruitment consultancies that recruit across industry verticals and that cater to specialist talent needs.

About 40% of management workforce finds their first job in recruitment and we all know for a fact that that recruitment on syllabus is covered for about 4%!!!! There evolves a question of scalability in the case of trainees.

The role of a recruiter at the Recruitment Consultancy is entirely different from a recruiter at an organization, recruiting for in-house manpower needs. While a typical recruitment cycle is like below,


It is not the same with a recruitment consultant. The process involves

This needs continuous accumulation of business intelligence, awareness of industry news, constant interaction with client and candidate. It also involves effective selling of organizations to the talent pool and the reverse. The amount of persuasion and perseverance employed by the recruiter on the right project at the right amount is what makes the role of a recruiter challenging like no other.

Today, we talk about talent pool decay. The job search engines are filled with job seekers who are caught in the vicious circle of quit-find-hike-quit. Any amount of search tends to yield the same sort of resumes again and again.

The TALENTED 20’s are not on these portals because, they are on their first / second jobs, proving their competence and so, quite passive on the job search. This dynamic, fresh talent is best fished out of where are they are found spending most of their time – ONLINE. A recruiter has to keep himself abreast of tools and tricks of recruitment as the market of job seekers evolve. What does it take to be this super recruiter is the million-dollar question we face today…?

The answer is LEARNING.

Success is not among those who are educated but, among those who

  • Learn,
  • Learn continuously and
  • Learn ahead of change!

What makes me happy by the end of a day is the fact that I have done a value addition to someone’s life / business. That is one of the perks of being in the LEARNING industry.

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